Cello meets electronic beats meets live drumming.

Mojoy join the worlds of acoustic and electronic music and thus breathe some life into all too often dry club music.

They bring you lyrical cello melodies adapt to pumping rhythms straight from the Berlin club scene.

And they serve you with driving live percussions that leave you no choice but to dance.

Mojoy are a fresh live-electro ensemble formed in Berlin just recently and made their well received debut a Club Gretchen in January of 2017. It was formed by Sebastian aka Knicklicht, who provided some electronic foundation to the project, and Illay from Israel who ads some sweet emotional cello lines on top. 2018 and 2019 Mojoy performed on a couple of festivals (including Fusíon Festival, Vogelball and Brückenfestival) where their new drummer Jan was given the opportunity to demonstrate his virtuous skills.


Mojoy - Goode Laune [live at Wilde Möhre]

Live Dates


Fri 9th Aug
Wilde Möhre Festival, DE - Drebkau
Sun 30th Jun
Fusion Festival,

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